Project Feed

Last year I broached the idea of having small group discussions on topics of interest with Lam Yishan, a close friend. We originally called the project “Feed” – the idea being that we would gather with a guest speaker who would share about what he/she was doing, and in return everyone else would buy dinner. In other words, we wanted to “feed” both the mind and the belly!

We kept our gatherings small and curated. If our speakers were interested in meeting individuals of a certain profile (investors, CEOs, people from government), we actively worked to get them to participate. Having good wine certainly helped. As for food, we opted to go for excellent local cuisine – New Ubin Seafood was a favourite. On one occasion, Xinwei (my wife) fired up to Big Green Egg for some excellent grilled steak.

These were humble gatherings, and we hope to keep it that way. We believe that the most meaningful interactions come in small format events, rather than large conference and expert panels. We like things which do not scale. (And of course, having a full time job makes it difficult to do anything too involved!)

We’ve created a small website to explain what Project Feed is about. I don’t expect it to become anything large, but organising these events continue to be great fun and very personally enriching. I’m hopeful that we will be able to continue building connections for a long time to come!

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